Construction sites need particular attention in order to mitigate risk and loss, as they are desirable targets for thieves. With large, open areas, inadequate fencing, poor lighting, and readily accessible materials and tools, they are a haven for most thieves. Losses can be heavy, not only from physical assets, but from time lost on the project itself. We ensure that each site we are entrusted to protect is give the care and attention it requires. In order to protect your investment, a solid security plan and attentive guards are a must - allow our expertise to help you.

From ports to airports to natural resources, our Industrial protection services are first-class. Our customized safety solutions and our officers will ensure that your equipment, assets, and inventory are protected and secure from vandalism, break-ins, and theft. All on-site visitors will abide by established security and safety standards. Whether your industrial site requires dedicated access control or on-site patrol officers, Safeguard Security will provide a comprehensive solution.